nyfødt fotografi

Newborn photography
in Copenhagen

Newborn up to and including 2 weeks old, but best within the first 7 days.

  • 3 High resolution images
  • Black and white and color
  • 120 min session
  • Option to purchase more images
DKK 999
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Questions and answers
Newborn photography

The price is DKK 999, which includes 3 images and a two-hour photo session.

it costs an additional 250 Kr. per picture and I offer:

  • 20% discount for 5+ images

Let me know when your little newborn arrives so we can make an appointment. Ideally within the first 7 days of the baby’s life, because the baby is still very much asleep and can be placed in the fetal position.

As soon as the little one is more than 10-14 days old, they stretch a lot more and are a lot more awake, which can make it a little difficult to get those perfect shots like in the gallery.

Newborn sessions are relaxed and slow-paced as I work around your baby. Ideally, baby will be awake when you arrive and ready to eat, so they’re ready for a nice long sleep! My style is a combination of posing on my beanbag chair in a variety of comfortable and safe poses. I also love photographing the new baby with siblings if they have any, and parents too.

If your baby is breastfed, I advise mothers to avoid spicy/sour/gas-filled food for 24 hours before the session. Also try to keep baby awake as long as possible before the session and ready to have a big meal on arrival. Dress baby in something easy to remove and keep the nappy as loose as possible to avoid marks on the skin.

If you have a sentimental teddy bear or favourite item of clothing/blanket, please bring these with you as we may be able to incorporate these into the shoot to create unique images that are special to your family.

It’s so important for me to learn and understand your baby so I can read its cues and respond appropriately. I want your baby to look peaceful in the photos, so it’s important that they get used to me holding and reassuring them.

I want you to feel at home, so take off your shoes and relax. I have a couch in the studio. Then you can either see your baby in all the adorable poses and props, keep up with social media and news, or get a little rest. The studio will be very warm as it helps keep baby calm, so dress in layers so you don’t get too hot. Rest assured that if I feel baby needs to return to you for food or to settle in, I will do so. It will help the session if I have your confidence to soothe your baby while you enjoy the break!

There is always a high risk of such accidents and I am more surprised if it does not happen! It’s happened before during a newborn shoot and it will happen again many times, so it’s really not a problem and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

This is only natural and does not tend to last the whole session. If baby cries and nothing works, we may move the appointment as they may be getting sick. More often, with a little time, patience and perseverance, all babies will settle down and we will be able to create beautiful images – awake or asleep.

Although it may take longer to remove any marks from birth, such as scratches from tiny baby nails or scaly/blemished skin, this is all part of the editing process for newborns and will be gently removed during post-processing.

Especially for mothers, I understand that a few days after having a baby, you may not feel like seeing yourself or feel particularly comfortable having your picture taken, but remember that this is a unique opportunity to get some very special pictures with your newborn and your new family unit. I will carefully pose and use flattering light to create beautiful images of you all. You don’t have to show them off afterwards, they can just be for you, but I encourage parents to take pictures with their baby – they’ll thank you for it one day!

I think it works best to keep things neutral for a newborn shoot, so black, grey, navy and white are all good choices, and try to coordinate your outfits without getting too matchy-matchy!  Choose outfits that you feel happy in but won’t date your photos, then avoid patterns and logos to keep photos timeless.

I have study on:
Islands Brygge 79a in the basement of the building.

I meet all my clients on the ground floor, where I have a small office space. Here you will find me in the interior design shop GG-STUDIO 

1 hour free parking
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Islands Brygge 79a

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