Baby I fotostudie med nissehue

Kids and Babies

  • 3 High resolution images
  • 45 min in studio
  • Professional editing
DKK 899
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Questions and Answers

Most frequent questions and answers

There are several wonderful milestones to catch throughout your little one’s first year. Here are our proposed milestones:

  • Newborn preferably the first 10 days (up to 3-5 weeks old) – when they are the smallest
  • 3-5 months – when they are strong on the belly
  • 6-8 months – when they start to sit on their own
  • 9-11 months – when they can crawl
  • 1 year – they can stand and walk
  • After the first year, any age is great for capturing exactly where children are at that point in their lives.

I want them to feel comfortable and confident, so I suggest they wear clothes they can move freely in. I also recommend soft, solid colors and avoiding loud prints and patterns so we can keep the focus on their face.

Yes absolutely! Always check with me first before bringing pets
to your session. If you have a study session, your pet must be housebroken.

Yes absolutely! Please check with me before you
bring props for your session. Props are great,
because they can add an element of fun, a personal touch or something else to your photos. The best
props to bring are things that are personal to you or
your family; i.e. dad’s headphones, ballet clothes, football costume, hats, etc.

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