Linkedin billede - professionelt portræt
Portrætter af to kolleger, der arbejder som ejendomsmæglere

Company and Employee portraits

  • 1000 kr. ex. VAT in startup
  • 300 kr. ex. VAT per employee/per image
  • Includes light editing

Photographing your employees is an important part of your company’s branding and communication. It can be crucial for creating a good first impression and communicating your company’s identity to both customers and potential employees.

When taking employee photos, it’s important to consider the company’s visual identity and values. The portraits should reflect the company’s profile and be consistent with the company’s communication and branding. It’s also important to choose an appropriate location and background that suits your company’s style and desired image.

How does it work?

Corporate portraits

We take the photos at your office or at an agreed location.

Reviewing images on Tablet/Laptop on site with the employee

To ensure the best experience for the employee, images are captured directly to a tablet or laptop. This allows us to see the images instantly and ensures that the employee gets images that they are happy with.

Group photo of Estate agents Islands brygge, Amager and Tårnby

Help to find the right position, expressed for the individual employee.

Group photos

Take advantage of employees wearing their nice clothes and finish with a group photo.

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Additional information

Questions and Answers Corporate portraits

Most frequent questions and answers

Employee portraits help humanize your business and help customers or clients make a more personal connection. They also showcase your team’s professionalism and commitment, which can strengthen your company’s brand and credibility.

Employees should wear professional clothing that reflects the company’s culture and avoid distracting patterns or bright colors that can draw attention away from their face. A relaxed but professional attitude is also important.

In general, it’s recommended to update employee portraits every 1-2 years or when there are significant changes in the team or in the employee’s appearance that can affect brand consistency.

Yes, I offer to take portraits in your office to ensure the background reflects your company’s environment and culture. It can also be more convenient for your team and help keep portraits consistent.

Examples of images that can generally be published without consent:

  • Photos of the audience at a concert
  • Photos of visitors in a zoo or similar
  • Images captured during the activities of a leisure club or association

Examples of images that normally cannot be published without consent:

  • Images of visitors to the doctor’s office, customers at the bank and gym, etc.
  • Images of visitors at a bar, nightclub, disco or similar.
  • Images of employees at work in a private company or public authority

Information is from the Danish Data Protection Agency read more here