The perfect memory: The wedding book

Give the photos from your big day their own home. A high quality wedding book that is fully customizable.

cheap wedding book

Completely flat side design

Thanks to the lay-flat binding, it is possible to place your images on a full double page without losing important image elements. To give you enough space, the photo books are available in almost all formats from 26 up to 160 pages. 

Photo book in several formats

Portrait, landscape or square, there is a format for every taste. The photo book can be opened 180º, so you can easily place an image over two pages and create an impressive panoramic effect.

Fuji premium photo paper

The paper type Fuji Crystal Archive Album, which has been specially developed for use in photo books. The Fuji album paper has a thickness of 0.16 mm. The pages of the photo book are glued together two by two, so one page in the book has a thickness of 0.34 mm with the adhesive material included. You can therefore expect a weight of approx. 368g/m².

The manufacturer guarantees a 75-year color guarantee.
Photo paper high gloss

This surface achieves high quality results. It is particularly suitable for bright and colorful motifs.

Photo paper matte

The silky matt surface has a fine but uniform structure. Fingerprints are reduced to a minimum.

Price from: DKK 799

Price examples of 799 apply to the format 28 × 19 with 26 pages