Pregnancy photography

First of all...Congratulations on a new and exciting part of your life, whether it's your first or fifth pregnancy. Helping to create and develop a new life inside you is worth documenting and creating memories through maternity Photography. How amazing it will be to look back in the years to come and remember this beautiful time.

portrait image of pregnant woman
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Pregnancy photography

Dkk 899

  • 3 pictures incl.
  • Professional editing
  • black and white or colour
  • Studio and outdoor options
  • The father-to-be is welcome.
  • 2-3 different outfits/expressions
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Questions and answers

During the 28 to 36 week window, the pregnant woman typically still feels quite comfortable, so it is less stressful for them to stand or pose when pictures are taken. It is also late enough in the pregnancy that her belly is clearly visible, nice and round.

This is a very natural and normal feeling that most mothers-to-be experience, especially with their first pregnancy. A little baby is growing inside your body, and with that comes a lot of changes in your body. Through my lens, I see these changes as absolutely miraculous and beautiful, and my number one priority as a professional pregnancy photographer is to make you feel and LOOK beautiful during our time together. So be sure you will see a difference.

I encourage it! Feel free to bring your husband/partner and any older children to your session. Having your family be a part of your session will allow me to create more family oriented images where they can show their love for your unborn baby. Intimate photos of just yourself and your partner should also be considered. I suggest you bring an extra adult to keep the kids occupied while I take you both away undisturbed to relax for best results.

Plan to remove tight or elastic clothing at least two hours before your session to avoid marks on your body. Try wearing a loose fitting dress to keep your skin smooth. This is especially important if you plan to have some nude or semi-nude portraits. You are welcome to bring different items of clothing. Anything that accentuates your pregnant belly is suitable. Elastic materials or lace are perfect.

The truth is – no one on my site is a professional model and everyone comes in with the same concern “what should I do?” “So you know I'm awkward, good luck!” I've heard it all! I work with you every step of the way, posing and directing you into poses to make you most comfortable during the session, and will guarantee you leave my studio with beautiful pregnant images.